Anderson Optimization


AO (Anderson Opt) is a front end interface for Anderson Optimization Software and Services.

Anderson Opt

Energy Analysis Platform

AO is designed as a platform to run analysis and perform value added services relating to problems in the energy industry.


AO Prospect

Helps renewable developers quickly find ideal sites for development.

AO Prospect released summer 2018

AO Site Analysis

Perform initial analysis on a renewable site with potentially wind, solar and batteries to provide initial estimates of valuation.

AO Site Analysis - Beta release scheduled for 2019

AO Energy Markets

Model and simulate large scale energy systems in order to simulate energy markets and answer valuation questions, primarily for renewables and energy storage.

AO Production Cost Model is currently working towards an early alpha release

Looking for potential use cases and customers.


  • Cloud platform
    • Improved collaboration
    • Easily scale computational resources
  • Backed by commercial optimization software
    • Perform complex numerical calculations
  • Integrated and flexible workflows
  • 3rd party plugins for easy and accurate data and services


We provide services to utilize or assist in utilizing our software on a contractual basis.