View Asset Detail Page


While you’ll mostly analyze parcels in bulk when you first start a project, as you narrow your list of quality parcels, you may want to markup or edit specific parcels in more detail.

The primary use case for this is to refine the buildable area calculated by geo analysis for constraints such as tree cover, roads, etc. Rather than refining a parcels’s buildable area and constraint map via the Project page, it is best to do this from the parcel’s asset detail page. This ensures that any changes you make are saved to the parcel.


From the project view, identify the parcel you want to markup/edit.

Click on the parcel’s blue x icon

This will bring up details about the parcel. Use the scroll button to scroll down to the bottom of the white pop-up.

At the bottom of the white pop-up window, click Select.

This will allow you to view the parcel’s asset details page and edit/markup that parcel.

You can also navigate to a parcel by clicking the parcel name in a project’s parcel list.

You can edit/markup up a parcel using the design tools on the asset detail page.