Draw Polylines


You can add a line(s) to the map to denote/mark additional features (e.g. mark a road that runs through a parcel)


Pull up the design tools menu.

Click the polyline icon in the design tools menu.

Move your mouse to the area of the map where you want to start the line, and click the mouse once to add the node.

Continue to move the mouse and click the mouse once to drop each additional node.

Click the final node twice to complete the line segment.

The new polyline will be added to the drawing table below the map. Use the icons on the right of the row to see/update information about the object.

  • Eye icon - click this icon to toggle this element’s visibility on or off.
  • Pencil icon - click this to edit/move the nodes
  • Plus icon - click this to add a label, notes, etc. for this element. From here you can also delete the element.

To disengage the polyline mode, click the hand icon.