Add Specific Parcel


In addition to bulk parcel searches, you can also add individual parcels to your project’s parcel list that you identify as good candidates from the map view.

This is particularly helpful if a parcel did not pull into the project’s parcel list because it fell just outside the search parameters (e.g. outside of the search radius or acreage).


Scroll to the map view within the project.

Make sure to turn on the Parcels data layer on the map to highlight parcel boundaries. (See instructions here for how to add a layer to the map).

Find the parcel you want to add to your parcel list, and then click anywhere in the parcel boundary.

Clicking in a parcel will bring up the info box about that parcel.

Click create asset to add that parcel to your list

Verify parcel was added to parcel list

  • Scroll down to the Parcels list section on the project.

  • The selected parcel should appear at the end of the list. (You may want to sort by the ‘Created’ column to show the most recently added parcels.)