Search for Additional Parcels by Land Owner


Search for additional parcels under the same owner in a project area or entire state.


On the map, click the blue x icon on the parcel you’re interested in (this will bring up a white data box with information about that parcel.)

In the white box, scroll down to the Project/Asset Tasks section.

Fill in ReportAll Owner Search fields (if desired)

Input a Min Acres number, if desired.

Note: If you don’t input a Min Acres, the application will pull parcels of any size that the landowner controls.

Input a Radius distance (from the initial parcel), if desired.

Note: If you don’t input a radius, the application will pull every parcel the landowner controls within the entire state.)

Click Get Count to preview the number of parcels that meet the parameters.

Once the process has finished, you will see a parcel count.

Note: You can update the parameters (Min Acres/Radius) if the parcel count is too high or too low. Just click Get Count again to see how many parcels fit the updated parameters.

Once you’re ready to pull the additional parcels into your parcels list, click Run task

Reminder: Like standard searches, these parcels will be deducted from your annual allotment once you select ‘Run task’.

The task will take a few moments to run. You can verify that the parcels were successfully pulled into the project by scrolling down in the white box.

Once the task has successfully run, the new parcels will be visible at the end of the parcels list (below the map). You may need to scroll to the last page of the list if there are multiple pages.