Create a New Project


There are two ways to create a new project:

  1. From the navigation sidebar, click Project, and choose ‘Create a project’


  1. From the dashboard, find the projects section and click the Create.

On the next screen, choose your project type. There are three project types:

  • Greenfield-Transmission:
  • Use this flow when you want to find parcels around a transmission line (or lines) in a region of interest.
  • Greenfield-Substation:
  • Use this flow when you want to find parcels around a substation (or substations) in a region of interest.
  • Greenfield-Land
  • Use this flow if you have a specific parcel that you want to evaluate

To continue, click on ‘Select this project type’.

Add a name for the project. (You can also add a description, but this is optional).

Note: You can change a project’s name and description after it’s created. You can also change your project type by clicking ‘Select this project type’ for one of the other cards, or click on ‘Clear selection’ to restart the process.

Let’s name our project “Test Project”, and provide a short description “this is a test project”.

Please provide additional details on your project, including project stage and priority, and indicate if this project is already completed or not. Just click on the ‘Project Details’ tab as can be seen here, and provide the details.

Next, choose a primary asset to start your search around.