Configure and Export Parcel Data


You can export Excel or CSV files for all parcels in a project OR for an individual parcel.


From the Parcels list on the project, click Export on the right side of the list.

Before exporting, configure the columns you want to export.

  • Either select Check All to include all possible columns


  • Add and remove individual columns by clicking the + icon to the right of Configure Columns).

If you’re configuring the columns, check/uncheck the columns you want to export. Then, collapse the columns box when you’re done.

Adjust the column order prior to exporting, if desired. Click Adjust Ordering.

Use the icons to the right of the columns to adjust their order up or down.

If you want to relabel a column name for export, click Export name, and add your preferred column header into the input field.

When you’re ready to export the data, click Export CSV or Export Excel to download the respective reports.

Save time in the future by saving export settings as a template.