Filter and Sort List


Filter or sort a list by specific attributes (e.g. sort or filter by the Owner). You can also adjust the visible data columns in the list.

The most commonly used list is the parcel list, so we will use that as an example below.

You can also sort and filter the parcel list by these columns



On the project, go to the list you want to filter (expand the green header if it’s collapsed by clicking on the green header).

Click the Filters menu on the right side of the list.

Click on a data attribute that you want to filter by.

Select the desired operator from the dropdown list and fill in the box below with your desired parameters. The parcel list will automatically update to show only parcels that meet the criteria.


Go to the list section on a project.

Click on the column header that you want to sort the parcels by (you may need to double-click).

You can sort the parcel rows by that attribute in ascending or descending order by clicking again.