Run GeoAnalysis


Using our Geo Analysis feature, you can automatically create constraint maps and calculate buildable area for any parcel(s) with just a few clicks.


From the map, hover over the menu icon in the top-right corner.

In the dropdown, click ‘select all parcels’.

This will pull up a window with all the parcels and the geo analysis fields (down at the bottom of the window).

In the Geo Analysis section, fill in the parameters:

  • Max Slope (%) - Fill in your upper limit slope (typically around 5-10%)
  • Buffer - Add a setback from hazards and the property boundary (e.g. 25 or 50 ft)

You may leave these fields blank, and they will not be included in the buildable area calculations and constraint maps.

Note: Click ‘show advanced’ to access more specific slope/buffer settings, if desired.

Once slope/buffer has been added, click ‘Run task

This process may take a few moments depending on how many parcels you’re analyzing.

This will create constraint maps for each parcel based on the parameters you set.

Click on constraint map polygons to see what each color represents. Light green is buildable acreage. There will be a total buildable acres value and a percent buildable area.

Refresh the browser to stamp that buildable area onto the parcels. You can now filter or sort the parcel list by buildable acres.