Create a Super Parcel


In some instances, you may want to combine multiple contiguous parcels into a consolidated project territory (super parcel) in order to see the combined constraint maps, acreages, and polygon boundaries.

Once you’ve identified any parcels you want to combine, follow the instructions below to combine them into a combined super parcel.


Scroll to the map view within the project.

Select Parcels to Combine

Hold down the ‘CTRL’ key (Mac users: Use the Command key) + click the blue x icon on the first parcel you want to select.

The selected parcel will appear in the top-right menu.

Continue to press the CTRL key and click the blue x icon on the second parcel you want to select.

Name New Parcel

Once you’ve selected all parcels to combine, scroll down to Tasks for asset group (in the white box on the upper right).

Name the new super parcel in the field Parcel Name.

Click Run task

Once the task has run, the updated super parcel will be visible on the map (heavy light blue lines).

View New Super Parcel Data in Parcels List

Scroll down to the Parcels list section on the project.

The selected parcel should appear at the end of the list (note: you can sort parcels by Created (date) to see the most recently added parcels at the top of the parcel list).