Map Constraints

Map Constraints

From the side menu click on ‘Project’ and then ‘View Projects’

Scroll down, and click on the project name you want to export

Scroll down to parcels list and expand it, choose the parcel you want to work on and click on its name.

The parcel page will be opened. Using the edit button located at the top right corner of the map, reveal the selection menu and choose polygon

Draw the polygon and scroll down the map, you will see your polygon.

Click on the + button located at the end of the line to reveal the options to work with the polygon - define a buffer around it, name it and describe it, change it’s design, etc.

In case you decided to use a polyline or another method to mark your points of interest, you can compose a geometry polygon out of them by simply clicking on ‘composite geometry’ button and follow the steps

Once you are done defining your shapes on the parcel, click on ‘export to KML’ choose a name and click the ‘export’ button