View a Project

View Project screen is divided into two main parts:

Map - A Google Map that is used to show your projects based on location, with various ways to control what you see on the map, including map different views, adding and removing layers, and more.

Projects list - Each project will also appear in a table. The table holds details on the project type, name, tags, and creation date.

Viewing Project - Map

Above the map you can see a line with some details and quick actions:

The total number of projects displayed will be written for your convenience. Then, you have an option to filter the viewed projects based on their type Clicking on the filter will show a list of project types, next to each one you will see the number of projects you have under this type.

In this screen capture, you can see that there are three project types, including Greenfield-Land, Greenfield-Substation, and Greenfield-Transmission. Note that there is one project in Greenfield-Substation, as can be seen by the sign next to the Greenfield-Substation label

If you don’t want to see the map, clicking on the map and the map will disappear. If you want to bring the map back, click on the button again.

After this line, you will see the map itself. Note that you have various ways to control what you see on the map:

This is the left top part of the map.

Search line - on top of the map you will find a search line, which allows you to insert an address, choose an item from the dropdown, and the map will focus on this area.

Change level of details on map - you have an option to alter the map from showing terrain and hybrid of terrain and labels. The default selected is seeing hybrid

This is the right top part of the map.

Notice you have an option to control the viewed layers, an option to view the map in full screen, and to choose on the map using polygon selector.

Clicking on layers will unveil a list of the available layers. Click on layers again to hide the list. The first list of layers that will be displayed are system layers. You can add and remove layers by clicking on the checkbox next to each layer. Each layer is labeled based on its details - the labels are color coded to help you skim them:

Blue label explain what is the content of the layer Green label will state the location of the layer Orange label will state the type of layer that will be added (i.e. arc, tile).

Viewing Project - Projects List

Below the map you will find a list of projects.

Clicking on a project will update the page to display the project details, as well as move the map to show the project in center. If you want to learn more on viewing the project details, click here