Geoanalysis Task Details


Users have asked for the ability to do different buffers based upon the hazards. Users have also asked for a way to remove small areas between hazards that aren't feasible. Finally, machines could get bogged down with massive constraint maps or many parcels in a project. We've addressed all of these.

How To

  • In the geoanalysis section, click "Show Advanced," and use the additional input boxes.
  • Note: You can still use geoanalysis as before if you just add a buffer to the basic buffer box.


The primary buffer box will be used for all buffers as well as an internal buffer on the parcel boundary

Hazard specific overrides

  • Wetland/Flood/Slope Buffers: These input boxes will override the primary buffer input box if set.
  • The primary buffer box will just be an internal buffer on parcel boundary if all overrides are set

Sieve small polygons

  • Min Size Buildable Acres: Add an acreage value (click m2 to switch to acres). This will remove any area that isn't that big from your buildable area.

Simplify drawing

  • Simplify Distance: If you're still having issues with your computer being slowed down, you can add a value here to simplify your polygons. For example, if you type 5 feet, the line you see on the map will be within 5 feet of where it would be in real life.