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This feature is new to some and repackaged for others. Users have asked for the ability to search for parcels by specific owner name. They have also asked for the ability to look for total acreage sizes made up by smaller parcels of a single land owner. We've added this to every account. If you've been using the old version of this search, the UX is now streamlined to a single section. We also enforced get count and proper buffer/acre fill outs to avoid issue searchs.

How to

  • To do a basic search, just add a "min acres" value. Every parcel exceeding that size will be pulled.
  • To do an advanced search, click "Show Advanced"

  • Search for Owner: To search for land of a specific owner, add their name into the "Owner" box. The syntax is last name first. Click "Run Task"
  • Search for Combined Acreage:

    • Min Acres: Smallest parcel you want to include (e.g. 75 acres)
    • Desired Project Acres: How many acres you want in total (e.g. 250 acres)
    • Click "Run Task." Using the values above, this would pull every 250+ acre parcel as well as every group of parcels where each parcel is at least 75 acres and owned by the same landowner that in total are at least 250 acres.

Freeform Parcel Search (new feature)


Users have requested the ability to select their own parcel search area that isn't tied to a substation or line radius.

How To

  • Draw a polygon/polyline
  • Click the polygon/polyline
  • Add an acreage (and a buffer for polyline), and use the Get Count & Run Task buttons as you would for a standard parcel search
  • Scroll down in the pop up to see the "Get Count" value


Users have requested the ability to look up every parcel that a specific landowner owns within a specific radius, county, or state. We built a tool to do this.

How to:

  • Click a parcel
  • In the "Owner Search" section you can optionally add a radius and/or acreage parameter.
  • If you don't add an acreage parameter, it will look for every parcel that owner owns regardless of size
  • If you don't add a radius, it will look for every parcel that owner owns within the entire state
  • Click "Get Count" to see how many parcels will be pulled
  • Click "Run Task" to pull the parcels


Users have requested the ability to search for parcels via APN/parcel ID so that they can find a specific parcel that they are interested in pursuing even if they don't know the address or lat/lng. We built a tool to do this. Note: it's more complex to build than our standard parcel searches, so it's a little different process for now. Ultimately, we'll more closely align the flow to the standard parcel searches.

How to

  • Go to "Create an Asset"
  • Select "Land"
  • Select "Use Parcel id & region"
  • Region - add county, state code, or zip code
  • Click "Run Task"