November 2019

We are publishing a major release today. Here are the notes. I will be reaching out to each of you to set up some individual time to go over everything.

Upgraded Table Format and Functionality (new feature)

  • Background: Every table/list in the application has a new format. The new table is easier to adjust, filter, export, and use. It also has a lot more functionality. We will link to more notes in our user documentation.

How Tos:


  • Click "Filters"
  • Select the row(s) you want to filter
  • Select the comparison
  • Enter value

Adjust & Group Columns

Adjust Columns:
  • Click "Columns"
  • Click the checkbox for any column to add it to the table
Row Grouping (new feature)
  • Background: We've gotten request for the ability to group tables. Some examples would be grouping parcel records by land owner or projects by the employee who created the project. This allows you to do this. Not all metrics make sense to group, so if you want to group something and we haven't implemented it, let me know. We added the ones we thought were useful.
  • How to:

    • Drag a column from the metric list into the row group list

Row Summation (new feature)
  • Background: This allows you to aggregate the results of a group. For example, you can total the amount of buildable area is associated with a single land owner.
  • How to:
    • Create a row group (described above)
    • Drag the metric you want to combine into the values section
    • If you click where it says "Sum" you can adjust to other combinations like average, count, etc

  • Click "Export"
  • Select columns from configure columns
  • (Optional): Adjust ordering
  • Click "Export CSV" or "Export Excel" - virtually the same result

Freeform Parcel Search (new feature)

  • Background: Users have requested the ability to select their own parcel search area that isn't tied to a substation or line radius.

  • How To

    • Draw a polygon
    • Click the polygon
    • Add an acreage, and use the Get Count & Run Task buttons as you would for a standard parcel search
    • Scroll down in the pop up to see the "Get Count" value

Bug & UX Improvements

Automatically Add SuperParcels to Project

  • Background: Previously, when you created a SuperParcel in a project, you had to copy and paste it into the project you were working in. This now happens automatically.

Easier KML Exports

  • Background: Previously, you had to export KMLs by clicking "Edit" from the tool menu, adding a name, and clicking Export. There is now a direct export in the toolbar dropdown and on the popup when you click an asset. The dropdown export will export the exact map that is shown. Clicking on an asset and clicking export will only export that asset.

Improved Sidebar Management

  • Background: The sidebar can get large and take up a lot of map space. We've now added an easier collapse button in the tool menu. Click it to minimize/maximize the sidebar.
  • Open

* Closed

Delete Asset from Project with Right Click

  • Background: There was a bug that didn't properly delete an asset from a project when you right clicked it and used the trash icon pop up. This is now fixed so that right clicking and using the trash icon deletes the asset from the project.

Rating Save Issue Fix

  • Background: There were some issues where parcel ratings weren't saving properly. This has been fixed.

Floating Clear All Selection Box

  • Background: There was an issue where the "Clear All" selection box would float far away from the "Modify Selection" dropdown, so it was impossible to click. This is fixed.