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AO Site Analysis Resources

AO Site Analysis uses the following resources.


Projects consolidate assets and other data so that users can perform their desired analysis. Projects include information specific to a single site of work such as the land or onsite load.

Project Detail Page


Scenarios represent the overarching use case and type of analysis that a user wants to perform. For example, they may want to perform a basic solar performance with accompanying financial analysis, or they may want to perform a solar and battery performance analysis.

Scenario Detail Page


Parameters are where users create their sensitivity analysis. Users provide the attributes they want to change as well as the different values that they want to test for each attribute. This determines how many runs the system will perform on a project when this parameter is used.

Parameter Detail


A run is a single instance of the sensitivity analysis created in the parameter section. A run has a set of attributes and provides the output data for the project under those characteristics. Runs are grouped so that users can compare the outcomes to determine the ideal project.

Run Group