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Perform Scenario Runs

In this process, you will select the project (site you want to analyze), scenario (type of analysis), and parameter set (specific attributes and associated values) to complete an automated sensitivty analysis.

Add Name & Select Project

  • Add a name for this sensitivity analysis and its group of simulations.
  • Select the project(s) you want to analyze. You can select multiple projects to analyze several opportunities concurrently.

Run Group Name

Select Scenario(s)

  • Select the scenario(s) that you want to use.
  • You can select multiple scenarios if you want to perform several types of analysis at once.

Select Parameter Set(s)

  • Select the parameter set(s) that you want to use.
  • If you select a parameter that doesn't contain one of your selected scenarios, the run will not work for that scenario.

Run Parameters

Run Scenarios

  • The last step will show you the scenario runs that the system will perform based upon the project(s), scenario(s), and parameter set(s), that you chose.

  • Click Run Scenarios

Run Scenarios

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