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View a Scenario Run

When you begin a scenario run or when you navigate to a run group from the sidebar, you'll be brought to the run group page. You can navigate to the output data for any run from this page.

Select Run

  • In the table on the run group page, click the run you want to view in more detail.
  • The status column displays the completion percentage for each run. If it says "finished,"" the run is complete.
  • The description column shows the parameter values were used for each run.

Run Group

View Results

Clicking a run will be you to the run detail page. This page allows you to view output and download any relevant data.


  • The output portion of each process shows a results summary.

Run Financial Summary


  • The files column allows you to download data output files, such as the finanical model - from the sensitivity analysis.
  • Click a link to download that file

Run Files Summary


  • The data column lets you view data output in a graphical format within the application.
  • Click a link to navigate to the desired data.

Run Data Summary Run Data Summary