Getting Started - Quick Links
Here are a few of the most commonly used tools and workflows to check out as you begin siting in Anderson Optimization.

Greenfield siting project overview

Below are the core steps to create a new siting project in Anderson Optimization and find suitable land for renewable siting near a substation or line of interest.

Step 1: Create new project around a substation or line of interest

Create a new project to greenfield around a substation(s) or line(s) of interest.

Step 2: Find land

Find land nearby and add parcels to your project. Group multiple parcels together into combined project territories.
    On the newly created sub or line project, Search for land near substation(s) or line(s) using the parcel search tool
      Use this to find relatively large parcels, relatively close to the target grid infrastructure
    Add additional parcels directly from the parcels map layer to fill in holes/add additional land near good anchor parcels
    As needed, group together multiple parcels into a 'site/project area' using the super parcel tool (this will help make it easy to see total site acreage and correctly apply internal site boundary setbacks when the buildable area analysis is run).

Step 3: Evaluate buildability

Quickly analyze key environmental/infrastructural hazards for all parcels and create constraint maps/calculated buildable acreage based on those constraints and user-input setbacks.

Step 4: Review/identify best parcels

Hone in on the best parcels through these different tools to review parcels and identify the best parcels for renewable development.

Step 5: Export data

Export all key data from a siting project to seamlessly continue downstream work. Export project map/constraint maps, landowner information/parcel data, and PDF reports.
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