Add icons/symbols on map


Mark the map with additional symbols/icons to denote real-world features and other important areas to flag.

Use the Drawing Tools to mark a feature's location with the default marker icon

  • From the project or asset detail map, click on the Map Tools button
  • Select Draw / Add Marker
  • Click on the marker/pin icon in the toolbar
  • Use your cursor to drop the marker/pin on the map
  • Turn off the 'add marker' functionality by re-clicking the marker/pin icon in the toolbar OR by clicking the hand icon

Change icon/symbol

If desired, you can change the icon/symbology used for the marker to one of many additional options.
  • Click on the marker
  • In the pop up window, click the Create button
  • In the dropdown menu, select one of the other drawing symbols

Point of Interconnection

The new Point of Interconnection icon also gives you access to save details about the POI. If desired, you can mark points of interconnection and log notes and other details.
  • From the marker icon click Create
  • Change marker icon to Point of Interconnection
  • Click the edit icon
  • Fill out details and click the Update button