Assets map/list
View all assets in a given state on one map, including transmission-level lines and substations as well as all parcels that have been saved to any projects in that state.

View all assets

From the dashboard:
  • Select the desired state in the state dropdown menu in the app header on the top left of the screen
  • From the state dashboard, click on the View button in the Assets section

What data is displayed on the assets map?

The asset map and list view display all assets for that state, including:
  • Grid infrastrucure
    • Transmission lines and substations (typically 69 kV+) from the EIA dataset
    • Any user-created lines/subs
  • Parcels
    • View all parcels that have been pulled in on projects created in that state

Common use cases

Check out grid infrastructure for siting

  • The map will automatically load with all of the grid infrastructure for easy review of the entire state/team
  • This includes any user-added lines/subs as well (only users within your company can see these however)

View all previous siting areas/parcels

  • All parcels that have been pulled into any project in the team/state you are viewing will show up on this map making it simple to see exactly which areas have been sited in already and which ones have not

View key layers to check out an area before beginning specific siting

  • Turn on and view key layers prior to starting a new siting project to further scope out an area of interest. If desired, for example, check out layers like flood, wetlands, or slope shading 3D to get a quick lay of the land before beginning initial siting efforts.

Add additional assets

Create a project from a substation or line on the map

  • Click on the substation or line on the map
  • Click See Actions
  • Click Asset Tasks
  • Click Create [Asset Type] Project