Copy a project
Create a copy of an existing project to create different site layouts/versions or copy a project to a new state if it was accidentally created in the wrong state team.

Create a copy of an existing project

Trying to compare buildable area analysis parameters by creating copies of a project? Hold on! The buildable area analysis constraint maps/calculations are saved to the parcel record itself, so re-running the analysis on the same parcel in a copy of a project will also update the buildable area analysis for that parcel on all projects. To compare different parameters, try exporting the data before re-running the analysis for easier comparison.
  • From a project, click on the 3 dot button on the top-right of the project page
  • In the dropdown menu, click Copy Item
  • Adjust the project Name field as needed
  • Select the state Team where the copy should be created if not the same as the original team (if the original project was created in the wrong state, you can copy the project using this dropdown to the correct state/team).
  • Click Copy to finish creating a copy of the project
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