Combo buffer
The Combo Buffer tool is useful in a number of different advanced workflows. Check out more details below.


The combo buffer tool can be leveraged to help simplify many complex siting scenarios. The tool simply allows users to create a physical buffer polygon around different types of grid infrastructure on a project in bulk. This has applications for the following scenarios:

Create polygons around grid infrastructure with the 'Combo Buffer' tool

  • Pull up the project
  • Go to the Parcels tab
  • Click on See Actions button (top-right side of the Parcels section)
  • Click Create combo buffer under the task list
  • Input desired search area buffers
    • Line Buffer: leave empty if just searching around substations
    • Sub Buffer: leave empty if just searching around lines
    • Fill in both if looking for land around both subs and lines
  • Click Run
  • This will display the search area on the map as an orange buffer polygon
Once the combo buffer polygon is created, you can then proceed with next steps depending on the desired scenario: