Large-scale projects
Large-scale projects can be a great way to efficiently site a large area and may require some special tooling/information.

Large-scale projects: Parcel distance and closest primary asset calculations

On a typical greenfield substation or line project, after a user pulls in parcels, we automatically calculate the 'distance' and 'closest primary asset' fields (how far each parcel is from the nearest substation or line and the name of the nearest sub or line). This makes it easy to A.) see which parcels are closest/furthest from grid infrastructure and B.) see which specific substation or line a parcel is closest to.
On projects with more than 300 assets (parcels, subs, or lines), we do NOT automatically calculate the parcel 'distance' and 'closest primary asset' columns; these calculations can create performance issues on the project if they run too frequently. Users will see a warning: "This is a large project (>300 assets) and some calculations are not performed by default."
Need to see the Closest Primary Asset or Distance columns in a large-scale project? Please email your Client Success representative with the project URL and we can trigger the calculation for you!

Large-scale parcel search

Depending on how many substations or lines are being targeted and the size of the search area around each, some large substation or line projects may require some advanced parcel search tooling to handle search areas that are too large for our parcel provider to handle directly.
If you are trying to run a normal parcel search on a large substation or line project and are hitting an error message, check out these instructions on how to run a parcel search on a large-scale substation or line project.