*Layers - Map Tool

For any map in the system, view key layers for renewable siting via the layers tool. Any selected layers will display as a layer overlay on the map.

Viewing layers on the map

  • On any map, go to the map toolbar

  • Select 'Layers'

  • Scroll through the layer list OR type in layer name in 'Filter layers' field to locate desired layer

  • Click on the desired layer to view the layer as an overlay on the map. The layer should activate once the layer is selected in the layers menu, but it may take a few seconds to load.

Interacting with layers on the map

Pop-Ups/Clicks Drag

Dragdrop map layer pop-ups

Copy feature/copy to drawing

View Layer Source

To view the layer source/read more info about a layer, click the source link to the right of the layer name: