Layers - map toolbar
From any map in the system, view key layers for renewable siting via the layers tool in the map toolbar.

Overview of Layers

We have 90+ layers available in the layers menu to help make it simple to reference key datasets throughout the renewable siting process.
Here is a quick overview of what's included:
U.S. Nationwide Layers
These layers are available in the layers menu for all U.S. states and include layers in the following categories:
  • Administrative Boundaries/Regions
  • Demographic
  • Infrastructure (both energy-related and general)
  • Environmental
  • Protected/Cultural
  • Resource Availability (solar irradiance, wind speeds, etc.)
  • Socioeconomic
  • Topographic
State-Specific Layers
In many states, there are state/county-specific layers available from local GIS resources and tools.
Custom Layers
We can typically integrate custom data layers for a client as long as the data is geolocated (e.g. ArcGIS/Esri layers, shapefile, KMZ, excel sheet with lat/long coordinates). If the data is proprietary/not publicly available, we can load it into the layers menu so that only your company has access to that data. Please reach out to your account manager for more details.

View layers on the map

  • On any map, go to the map toolbar
  • Select Layers
  • Scroll through the layer list OR type in layer name in 'Filter layers' field to locate desired layer
  • Click on the desired layer name in the menu list to view the layer as an overlay on the map. The layer should activate once the layer is selected in the layers menu, but it may take a few seconds to load. Still not seeing the layer? Try zooming in on the map.

Interacting with layers on the map

Click on an object in the layer to view more details. If there are multiple layers enabled on the map, the pop-up window will appear and each layer will have a separate tab listed across the top of the pop up.
Select the desired layer tab to view details about that layer. Scroll up and down in the pop-up window with your mouse wheel.
Drag and drop pop ups to move them around on the map.

Copy/save an object from a layer to the map

Copy and save an object from a map layer to the project map for future reference.
  • Turn on desired layer
  • Click on an object in the layer that you wish to save to the project
  • In the layer pop-up window, click the Copy or the Copy Feature button
This will copy the object geometry to the map and save it as a drawing for future reference. Want to change the style of the saved drawing? Check out how to change the style of a drawing/asset.

Adjusting the appearance of active layers

Change layer opacity/transparency

  • Turn on desired layer from the layers menu. The layer will now be listed in the map sidebar under 'Active Layers'.
  • Click on the small Menu button on the right-side of layer name
  • Change the value in the box under Opacity to adjust the opacity/transparency of the layer on the map
    • 0 = completely transparent
    • 100 = completely opaque

Temporarily hide/show a layer

  • Click on the small Menu button on the right-side of layer name
  • From the dropdown, hit hide service to temporarily hide the active layer while still leaving it in the active layers list to quickly redisplay as needed.

View layer data source

To view the layer source/read more info about a layer, click the source link to the right of the layer name and it will open up a new tab with information about that dataset.

Turn a layer off

To turn off a layer, either relocate the layer in the original layers menu and click on it a second time to turn the layer off OR turn off the layer from the 'Menu' option in the active layers menu for that layer.
  • Click on the small menu button next to the layer name in the Active Layers section
  • Click remove to turn off the layer