Phone Number Data - Ekata Reverse Address Lookup
Premium add-on through Whitepages' Ekata Reverse Address Lookup tool to pull in phone numbers related to a parcel's mailing address and site address.

Background on phone number add-on

We've partnered with Whitepage's Ekata platform to help you find phone numbers for landowner outreach. With this premium add-on, you can lookup + export phone numbers related to the mailing address and site address associated with a given parcel for further outreach.
Please reach out to your Client Success contact to set up this add on.


  • 12-month commitment to using add-on
  • $300 per month per company account for unlimited phone number lookups

Look up phone numbers

Run the task to pull in phone numbers

Once you have access to the Reverse Address Lookup add-on, pull in phone numbers for parcels on a project: and when you're ready to look up phone numbers for parcels on a project:
  • On the project, click on the Parcels tab (tab is listed at the bottom of the project below the map)
  • In the parcels list, check the box next to each parcel that you want to lookup the phone number for
  • Once the desired parcels are selected, click on the See Actions button on the right side of the list
  • Click on Asset Tasks
  • Select Reverse Address Search
  • In the pop-up, hit Run
Once the lookup completes, follow the steps below to review the phone numbers and export the data.
Once the task has been run, review and export the phone number data for landowner outreach.
View the additional data columns in the parcels list
  • In the top-right corner of the parcels list, click the 3 dot button to view and add additional columns to the list-view.
  • Using the filter field, search for the keyword: 'Phone'
  • Select any columns with 'Phone' in the title; there may be up to six different phone fields listed (up to 3 for each: Mailing Address and Site Address)
  • Select and view the 'Notes' column as well to see additional details on related contacts and phone numbers.
Once the desired columns have been selected, view them in the table and use the scroll bar to view additional columns:

Export the phone numbers for land owner outreach

Export the phone number columns and notes columns as an Excel/CSV export.