Save a KML/KMZ as a layer
Save a KML/KMZ as a custom layer in your team layer's menu.

Save a KML/KMZ as a custom layer

Drag and drop KMZ over map

  • Locate the kml/kmz file in your computer's file directory (if it's still in Google Earth, make sure to export it)
  • Drag and drop the file name over the project map in AO
  • An asset import table will pop up. Close the table by hitting the red 'x' in the right corner of the table.
The KML/KMZ will now be displayed on the map as a temporary layer

Save the KMZ as a custom layer

Follow the steps above but hit the red 'x' in the right corner of the table (do not click on the save assets option).
  • In the top right corner of the map, the KMZ should be listed in the 'Active Layers' section (you should see the name of the KMZ you imported)
  • Click on the 3 dot Menu button to the right of the KMZ name
  • Select save to team
The layer will now be available in the Team layers and will show up in the layers menu for any maps in that state (within your company).
You may need to refresh the page in order to see the KMZ in your Team layers

Remove a saved KMZ layer

Once you are done with the KMZ layer you have created, you can also remove it from your Team layers:
  • Find the layer in the layers menu and turn on the layer (it will now appear in your active layers list)
  • Hover the mouse over the 3 dot menu button
  • Select delete from team
  • The KMZ will no longer appear as a layer in the layers menu