Buildable Area Analysis

This tool allows users to quickly analyze key environmental and infrastructure layers to identify hazards on the site, create constraint maps, and automatically calculates buildable acreage/parcel.

Overview - Buildable Area Analysis

The Buildable Area Analysis tool is one of the best tools to use to more efficiently analyze land for renewable development.

With this tool, you can efficiently:

  1. Analyze different environmental and infrastructure layers, including:

    • Flood

    • Wetlands

    • Slope/topo

    • Tree cover

    • Buildings

    • Public Roads

    • Railways/runways

    • Bedrock

  2. Add custom setbacks around each hazard type and the property boundary

  3. Generate constraint maps showing hazards and buildable area

  4. Calculate buildable acreage

Each parcel's analysis typically only takes a few seconds to process -- though this can vary based on the size of the parcel and the complexity of the topography of the area. A large-scale project with hundreds of parcels may take a few minutes (~10 minutes), but should still process fairly quickly.

Check out these steps to run the Buildable Area Analysis.