Calculated buildable acreage
After running the buildable area analysis, view each parcel's calculated buildable acreage in the parcels list to quickly see which parcels have the most buildable acreage.

Select and view the Buildable Area (Acres) column in the parcels list

  • On a project, click on the Parcels tab to expand and view the full parcels list
  • In the top-right corner of the parcels list, click on the 3 vertical dot icon
  • From the dropdown, select Columns
Click the 3 dot button on the right-side of the parcels tab to configure and add additional columns in the table.
  • In the columns sidebar window, type in 'Buildable' to filter the list of columns to just those related to the buildable area.
  • Click the checkbox next to Buildable Area (Acres) to view the column in the list view
    • Another helpful column is the 'Buildable Area (Relative) column. This will display a ratio of the buildable acreage vs. the original lot size (e.g. a Buildable Area (Relative) = .64 means that parcel was 64% buildable)
Once this box has been checked, the Buildable Area will show up as an attribute column in the Parcel List:
You can adjust the order of the columns in the table by clicking on the column header and dragging/dropping the column around in the table to rearrange the order.

Sorting/filtering parcel list by 'Buildable Area (Acres)'

Check out how to sort/filter the parcel list based on the buildable area (acres) attribute (or any parcel attribute).