Manually mark a hazard/exclusion area as 'not buildable'
Manually mark hazards and exclusion areas and update the buildable acreage calculations to remove those areas.

Overview of process

  • Navigate to asset page
  • Create additional polygon (copy from layer) or draw using drawing tools
  • Right-click hazard to create buffer if desired
  • Ctrl+Click each hazard and the buildable area polygon
  • Hover over “Design” and select “Composite Geometry”
  • Click buildable area once in the top right menu to “Include” it
  • Click each hazard twice to “exclude it”
  • Click “Build”
  • Click “Update Buildable Area”

Detailed workflow

Go to the parcel asset detail page

  • From the project map, click on the parcel on the map
  • In the parcel pop-up window, click Select
The parcel asset detail page will open as a new tab:
  • Click on the 'Drawings' tab to view all polygons associated with a given parcel (parcel boundary, hazard polygons, buildable area polygon, etc.)

Use drawing tools to trace out hazard/copy hazard from layer

Turn on the drawing tools > map toolbar > menu > drawing tools
  • Trace out the hazard using one of the drawing tools (e.g. draw a polyline to mark the location of a pipeline, a polygon to mark out an area, etc.).
  • If using a layer, click on the object in the desired layer and choose 'copy' to save the hazard to the map as a drawing

Add hazard setback/buffer (if app.)

  • To add a buffer to the hazard, you''ll need to right-click the hazard drawing on the map.
    • If the buildable area/parcel polygons are in the way, you can temporarily hide them so that you can access the hazard drawing below.
    • To hide objects on top of the drawing, go to the 'Drawings' tab on the right-side of the asset detail page.
Click the 'eye' icon to hide/display drawing on map
  • Right-click the hazard drawing on the map and in the pop-up input a desired buffer/setback.
    • Click the Create button to create the buffer
This will create a buffer/setback around the hazard:
Repeat this process to mark out any desired hazards and apply a hazard setback/buffer as needed.

Mulit-select the hazard buffer(s) and buildable area polygon in map sidebar

In order to run the composite geometry tool, select the hazard buffer and the buildable area polygons so that they are listed in the map sidebar:
  • Use a multi-select click to select each of the hazard buffers and buildable area analysis polygons on the map.
    • Hold down CTRL key (Macs: Command key) while clicking each drawing with cursor to select it in the map sidebar.
    • If the buildable area polygon was previously hidden - turn it back on (drawing > click on the buildable area listing in the drawings menu) - and then continue to hold down CTRL while clicking the buildable area polygon.
Select hazard and buildable area polygon by holding down the 'CTRL' key + clicking each w/cursor

Run composite geometry

  • Click design
  • Select build composite geometry from the design dropdown menu
This will display bubbles next to each polygon in the sidebar:
  • Click the bubble by the buildable area polygon 1x to 'include' it
  • Click each hazard (or the hazard buffer if one was applied) 2x to 'exclude' it
  • Click 'Build'

Click 'update buildable area' button in pop up

  • After clicking 'Build' in the previous step, a pop up will appear on the map
  • Click 'Update Buildable Area' to finish updating the buildable area polygon and calculated area
This will finish updating the buildable acreage calculation and the new buildable area will be displayed on the map and in the calculated acreage section on the left-side of the window.