Distribution Grid (DG) Siting - Quick Links
Siting around DG lines and substations uses many of the same tools as utility-scale siting, but there can be some differences. Here's a quick guide to DG siting in Anderson Optimization.

Create a new siting project

Start to create a new siting project and choose project type

See more details here on creating a new project and consider the following scenarios:
  • Searching for land around DG subs? --> 'Greenfielding: Substation Search' project type
  • Searching for land around DG lines? --> 'Greenfielding: Line Search' project type
  • Searching for land around both OR searching for land around lines but within some distance of a known sub? --> Pick either substation or line project type

Add substations and/or DG lines

Select desired DG substations or lines as primary assets when creating a project using one of the following methods:

Search for land

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