Export Excel/CSV spreadsheet - parcel and landowner mailing list
Export data from an asset list on a project as an Excel/CSV spreadsheet to make it easy to create mailers/LOIs and upload data into CRM or other land-tracking system.


Export project asset tables as an excel/CSV file, including:
  • Parcel/landowner mailing lists
  • Parcel metadata/buildable area analysis calculations
  • List of POIs (substations, lines)

Export asset lists as Excel/CSV

  • On a project, click Export (top-right corner of the project page)
  • Select the Export Excel/CSV from the menu
  • Then, select the desired list to export (e.g. Parcels)
This will expand the list export tool automatically.
  • Select desired columns for export
    • Either check the box by 'Select All Columns'
    • Select columns individually by clicking the 'Select Columns' menu
Save time in the future by saving an export format as a template by following the instructions below. Templates are visible across all users within a company.

Create an Excel/CSV export template

Save time and create a consistent export process by saving a template for future use. Saved templates will appear at the top of the export sidebar window and will be available to all users within your organization.
  • Select the desired columns to include in template (ether check the box by 'Select All' or add individual columns via the 'Select Columns' option)
  • Expand the View Columns section
  • Change the column export name (if desired) by clicking the 'export name' link and inputting the new column name you'd like to use instead.
  • Change the sort order of columns as desired by clicking the arrows to the right of the column names.
  • Add a name for the new template in the 'Template Name' field at the bottom
  • Click Save Template
The newly saved template will appear at the top of the Export sidebar window for future use:
  • Click the name of the template to apply the export template