Project-level KML/KMZ export
Export a project as a KML, including all assets, constraint maps, and drawings that are saved to the project, including:
  • Substation or line grid assets
  • Parcel boundaries and parcel data (land owner, parcel ID/APN, original lot size)
  • Constraint map layers including hazards and the buildable area polygons
  • Drawings (e.g. any drawings from the project like copied geometries from layers, buffers, etc.)
Looking for a KML file for PlantPredict specifically? Check out our PlantPredict KML export option.

Export project KML

  • From a project, click the blue 'Export' button in the top-right corner of the project page
  • Select 'Export KML' from the dropdown menu
  • In the 'KML Export Options' pop-up, click 'EXPORT KML'
File will automatically download to your browser/downloads folder
Want the constraint maps to export in the KML file? Make sure the constraint map/hazard drawings are actively displayed on the map before exporting the KML file.

Project KML Export Settings

Change which data is exported in the project KML by adjusting these optional settings, if desired.
  • Group Hazards By Owners & Parcels - This setting impacts the exported folder structure in Google Earth. Turn this setting on to view the exported data in folders structure by parcel/land owner rather than by data type. This makes it easier to work with parcels one at a time in Google Earth if needed.
  • Advanced
    • Ignore Markers - check this box if you do not want the parcel markers displayed in the KML file
    • Ignore Hidden Elements - This setting is turned on by default. Turn if off if you want to export all project assets/drawings (even those that may be temporarily hidden)

Export sub-set of project data as KML

Check out this page to learn how to export a sub-set of project data as a KML.