Group Parcels / Super Parcel

Group parcels together with the Super Parcel task to view and analyze individual parcel boundaries as a larger site area.

What is the purpose of grouping parcels?

Sometimes it can be helpful to consider parcels as one larger area (e.g. a 'super parcel'). There are two common scenarios for this situation:

  • All parcels on a project are part of a future site area and should be analyzed as a single area (ignoring internal property boundaries/not adding internal setbacks)

  • A subset of parcels on a project are part of a parcel group that should be analyzed as a single area - e.g. one land owner owns multiple contiguous parcels which should be analyzed together.

When creating a super parcel, the original property boundaries and land owner information will still be preserved on the account, but there will be a new 'parcel' boundary added around the group of parcels.

This super parcel can be used in the buildable area analysis calculations so you can get an accurate buildable acreage for the full contiguous area.

How to create a Super Parcel

Select the parcels you want to merge together