Create new siting project

Ready to start siting and analyzing constraints? Create a new project around your general site area. Projects make it simple to organize, track, and export your renewable siting data.

How do projects work?

Users can create and use projects in AO to organize data for a specific site. Think of a 'project' as a site area -- it could be a greenfield site around all substations in a given county OR it could represent a single parcel that you just want to analyze quickly (or anything in-between).
Once you create a project, changes to the project are automatically saved (there's no 'save' buttons) and the project will be ready to go the next time you login.
Collaborating on a project with someone else? Send them the project URL and they'll be able to view the live project directly from the link (requires AO license).

Overview of typical project steps

  1. 1.
    Set up initial project around site area (pick initial assets: sub(s), line(s), or specific parcels to build site around).
  2. 2.
    Find parcels nearby
  3. 3.
    Run the Buildable Area Analysis to automatically create constraint maps and calculate buildable area for each parcel
  4. 4.
    Sort/filter parcel data to get to shortlist of high-quality parcels
  5. 5.
    Export parcel and map data (excel/CSV, KML, Shapefile, and PDF)

Project map and asset lists

A project has two major sections:
  • Project Map: Displays assets saved to the project (assets are things like substations, lines, and parcels).
  • Asset Lists/Tabs: Assets saved to the map will also display in a list view in the relevant asset tab. E.g. Parcels that have been saved to the project appear under the Parcels tab.
Assets are displayed on both the map and in the relevant asset tabs below the project map

Getting started - dashboard

  • Data is separated by state so make sure that the desired state is selected in the header (if not, click the dropdown menu to select a different state).
  • From the dashboard, hit 'Create' under the Projects section
Make sure the desired state is selected in the state dropdown