Create new project: primary assets
To create a new project, you'll need to select at least one primary asset -- substation, line, or parcel -- to create the project around. Think of this as the anchor for your project map.

What are primary assets?

Based on the selected project type, you will be prompted to select at least 1 asset of that type to anchor your project around.
Primary assets can only be one type of asset for a given project. For a substation project, for example, select 1 or more substations as the primary assets (e.g. can't add transmission lines as a primary asset on a substation project).
Substation Project
Line Project
Land Project
Select at least 1 substation as a primary asset
Select at least 1 line as a primary asset
Select at least 1 parcel as a primary asset
As you select primary assets to add to your project setup, they'll be listed at the bottom of step 2 in the flow.
Here's an example of what that looks like:

Methods to select primary assets

The next pages will walk through various methods to add primary assets to your project setup: