Save/filter substations and lines in bulk from designated layers
Bulk create substation and line assets from designated layers when creating a new project or when saving subs/lines to an already created project.


  • Bulk create substation or line assets from designated layers using the layer-specific polygon select tool (Note: this is not the same tool as the general polygon select tool available in the main map toolbar menu list).
    • This tool is available on the following layer types:
      • AO distribution grid layers (available for purchase by state)
      • Client-provided grid layers
      • Third-party substations and lines layers (EIA/HILFD; OpenStreetMap)
  • Save all selected lines or substations as assets OR filter and create assets from a subset of the lines or substations in that area based on certain attributes.

Bulk select and create substation/line assets from a layer

Turn on layer

  • From the map toolbar, click on layers
  • In the layer list dropdown, locate the desired layer and click on it to activate the layer on the map

Use the layer-specific 'polygon select' tool to select and bulk create assets

  • With the desired layer activated, click on the small 'menu' icon to the right of the active layer name.
  • In the dropdown menu, click on polygon select
  • Trace a polygon around the substations/lines you'd like to select
A table will pop up from the bottom of the page with a list of each of the selected substations or lines.

Save assets

You can either save ALL of the selected assets OR filter and create assets from a subset of the original selection.

Save all selected substations/lines as assets

  • Make sure desired assets are highlighted and click Save assets to project

Filter and save a subset of selected substations/lines as assets

Create assets from a subset of the selected substation or lines by using the Filter tab on the right side of the table to filter the list off of desired attributes.
  • On the right-side of the table that pops up (after polygon selecting an area of the layer), click on the vertical Filters tab
  • Scroll through or search for the desired attribute name
  • Click on the attribute to expand the filter options
  • Apply desired filter
  • If needed, minimize/expand the table to view the filtered substations/lines on the map
  • Click the blue Save assets to project to create assets for just those substations/lines
This will add the selected assets to the new project setup as shown below.

Review primary asset list and finish creating the project

Assets will now be created and added to the primary assets list.