Use hosting capacity map layers for siting
Public hosting capacity maps from various utilities are available in the layer menu. Copy or trace line/substation locations to be used for further siting and land searches.


Use this workflow to create DG line/circuit assets from a hosting capacity map when creating a new line project or on an already created project.

Viewing hosting capacity map

Turn on the desired hosting capacity map:
  • From any map, go to the map toolbar
  • Click on Layers
  • Find and click on the desired hosting capacity layer to view the layer on the map

Creating an asset from a hosting capacity map layer

There are two possible ways to create an asset from a hosting capacity layer:
  • Copy the line route from the source map
  • Trace the line route using the drawing tools
Copying the line route is the easiest option, however, it doesn't always work if the source map has very small line segments saved vs. the full line route saved as a single geometry. If that's the case, then tracing the line with the drawing tools is the best option.

Copy line route from layer

  • Find and click the Transmission Line that will be used for siting
  • Try to Copy the line by selecting Copy Feature
  • If the line is copied as desired, turn off the layer and click the black line that has been copied over.
  • Click the Create button and then the Transmission Line button to copy that line into your project
If the line doesn't copy all the way or the line size isn't quite right (Like in this example), either keep copying every section of the line needed of see the section above this for tracing the line manually and trace it out over the Hosting Capacity Layer

Trace the line route

Trace out the line route while using the hosting capacity map as a guide for the line route location.