Primary Assets: Select from map
Add primary assets to project setup by locating and selecting the assets on a map.

Selecting primary assets from the 'create project' primary asset map

Substation/Line Projects

This is the default method to add primary assets and is the most commonly used method for all three project types. You can also use the map to import assets from a KML/KMZ, if desired.
  • Zoom in on the map to see the pre-loaded assets (substation projects will show substations, line projects will show lines, etc.)
  • Click on an asset on the map to read more info about that asset
  • To add the asset to the project, hit the 'Select' button in the pop up window (or scroll down to check out how to filter the asset map by voltage, owner, etc.)
Click 'Select' in the asset pop up to add it to the primary asset list
Need to select more than a few primary assets?
  • Repeat steps above to continue adding any additional primary assets to the project setup.
  • Once primary assets have been selected, hit 'Next' to continue to the last step of the create project flow.

Site Analysis Projects

For Site Analysis projects, the Parcels layer is automatically displayed on the map in Step 2 of the create project flow. Zoom in on the map until the orange parcel boundary lines appear
  • Click on a parcel to see info about that parcel
  • To save the parcel to the project setup, click 'Create' in the pop up. This will simultaneously save the parcel from the layer as a parcel asset and add it to your selected primary asset list.

Filter Transmission Lines/Substations by Voltage and/or Owner

To filter lines or substations by voltage, owner, or other attribute, follow the steps below.

Turn on the filter tool

  • Start to create a new line or substation project
  • On the primary asset map, click the Filter button (above the right-side of the map)
  • This will pop up the list view of the assets
  • Click the Filters tab on the right-side of the table
This will display all the possible attributes available for at least some lines/subs in the dataset

Apply desired filter(s)

  • Click on an attribute
  • Add in the desired filter criteria
  • Minimize the table view once complete
This will display the subset of lines/subs that meet the filter criteria

Select assets on map

Click on an individual sub/line to view more details. To add it to the project, click 'Select' in the pop up window.
In the asset pop up, click 'Select' to add it to the project setup
To select ALL of the lines/subs that met that criteria, you can use the polygon select tool in the map toolbar under the 'Menu' dropdown.