AO DG Data

Simplify siting for community solar and other DG sites with our AO DG data.
One of the biggest challenges DG developers face is understanding where the distribution grid actually is.
In many states, there are no hosting capacity maps provided by the utility, so developers must manually locate and map DG substations and feeders.
To address this, we have built our own DG dataset that is available for purchase for any U.S. state:
  • The goal of this data is to provide the grid topology and a mapped skeleton so that you can quickly identify nearby land and do development work. The data is not intended for advanced engineering use cases.
  • Available for any U.S. state
  • Data includes:
    • DG substation locations
    • DG line routes and estimated line voltage
  • Data starts at $10k per state per year and there are discounts for multi-state packages. States may also be swapped during that timeframe (we just ask that you maintain a given DG state for at least 30 days before swapping it to something else).
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