Review Parcels

After adding parcels to a project, use these methods to review parcels and keep track of which parcels are best for siting. These are all optional but can be helpful to stay organized.

Star Rate

Use the star rating system to rate parcels for development and keep track of which parcels have been reviewed/still need to be looked at.

There are two ways to add a star rating to a parcel:

  • Add a star rating field in the parcel pop up on the map (click the parcel marker on the map)

  • Add a star rating via the 'Ratings' column in the parcels tab

Adding a rating to a parcel will change the parcel styling:

  • 3 stars = green parcel styling

  • 2 stars = orange parcel styling

  • 1 star = red parcel styling

Click the parcel marker and add a star rating in the parcel pop up

Save parcel notes

Sorting and Filtering

Cutting / Deleting