Add parcel notes

Add notes about a parcel to keep track of important details. Parcel notes can be exported

Save a note about a parcel

  • From a project, go to the parcel asset detail page

    • To access the asset detail page, either click on the parcel on the map and click 'Select' in the pop-up OR click on the parcel name text in blue down in the Parcels list

  • On the asset detail page, log any notes in the 'Notes' box in the top-left corner of the page.

    • Notes will automatically save as you type

View/export parcel notes on a project

Once a note has been added to at least one parcel on a project (via the parcel asset detail page as shown above), there will be a column called 'Notes' that can be displayed in the parcels list and that can be exported along with any other parcel data.

  • On the Parcels list, click the 'Column's button on the right-side of the table

  • Scroll through (or search) for the column called 'Notes'

  • Check the box by the column name


  • Collapse 'Columns' sidebar once desired columns have been selected by clicking the 'Columns' button again.

The notes column will now display in the table and can also be exported in the Excel/CSV export.