Review parcels based on 'distance' and 'closest primary asset'
Quickly see a parcel's distance to the nearest grid infrastructure and the name of the nearest substation or line as you review parcels on a project.


The 'distance' and 'closest primary asset' fields can be very useful in identifying which parcels are related to which sub/line on large-scale projects and can make it easy to bulk review and/or remove parcels based on their proximity to nearby grid infrastructure
Distance: A given parcel's distance (miles) to the closest primary substation or line asset that's listed on the project
Closest Primary Asset: Lists the name of the closest primary substation or line for each parcel on a given project (substations and lines must be saved as primary assets to be considered in the calculation).
With these fields. you can:
  • Export a parcel list from a large project and track which parcels relate to which line or sub on a multi-sub or multi-line project
  • Bulk delete all parcels on a project that are greater than 1 mi from a substation).

View parcel 'distance' and 'closest primary asset' fields

  • After creating a substation or line project and pulling in parcels, go to the Parcels tab
  • Go to the Columns list under the 3 dot menu
  • Check the boxes to select the Distance and Closest Primary Asset columns
Both columns will now appear in the Parcels list showing each parcel's closest primary asset (sub or line name) and the distance from that asset.

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