Sort/filter parcels
Easily sort and filter parcels in the parcel list to organize and evaluate a larger set of parcels based on key data points.

Sorting Parcels

Sort and order the parcel list based on key fields to easily see which parcels have the most acreage, are the closest to the substation, etc.
  • On a project, go to the Parcels tab (below the project map)
  • Click on the column header for the column you want to use to sort the data.
    • Clicking 1x will sort the parcels in ascending order based on that attribute value
    • Clicking 2x will sort the parcels in descending order based on that attribute value

Filtering Parcels

Filter the parcel list/parcel map based on key filter criteria to make it easier to focus on a subset of parcels from a larger project.
  • On a project, go to the Parcels tab
  • Click on the Filter button
  • Scroll through the list of possible filter attributes (or type in the attribute name in the 'Search' box).
  • Click on the desired attribute name
  • Choose the desired filter syntax from the dropdown (e.g. Greater than, less than or equals, etc.)
  • Enter the desired filter value
This will temporarily filter the list view of the parcels as well as the project map view of the parcels to display only those parcels that met the filter criteria.

Common filter criteria

You can filter the parcel list based on any of the available attribute columns, but here are a list of common fields to filter by.
  • Buildable area (acres)
  • Star rating (type in the number of stars for the filter value - e.g. to filter to show 3-star rated parcels, type in '3' as the star rating value in the filter.
  • Buildable Area (Relative) % of lot that is Buildable
  • Distance - this shows the distance to the primary asset

Exporting filtered list

Check out these steps to create exports for just a subset of the larger dataset on a given project.
Filtering the parcels list will also apply to any exports that are created if you still have the filter active.
Ex. Only want to export parcels on a project with more than 50 buildable acres? Go to the parcel list and filter to show all parcels with buildable area (acres) greater than or equal to 50 and run the KMZ export.