Star rate parcels

Use the star rating field to denote which parcels that are better/worse suited for renewable development and keep track of which parcels on a project have been reviewed.

The star rating tool allows users to apply a star rating (1 - 3 stars) to a given parcel on a project. Applying a star rating also changes the color styling of the parcel on the map (e.g. 3 stars is green, 1 star is red).

This makes it easy to visually track which parcels have been reviewed and can make it easier to segment out specific parcels for follow up (e.g. you can export only 3-star rated parcels for the Excel export).

Applying a star rating

There are two ways to add a star rating:

Add star rating via parcel pop-up on map

  • From the project

Add star rating via parcel list under the 'Ratings' column