View parcel list (parcel attributes) and landowner details
Parcels boundaries and metadata can be viewed on the project map or in the Parcels tab.

View list of parcels and landowner information on a project

On any project, view the list of parcels associated with the project:
  • Click on the tab in the assets section labeled Parcels to bring up a list of all the parcels that have been saved to the current project.
Click on the Parcels tab to see the list of parcels

Configure columns

We added new default columns, however, if your user account was set up prior to the update you may need to click a button to see the new defaults. In the parcels list, click the 3 dot icon > click 'Reset Columns'. Refresh your browser and then the new columns will appear every time you view the parcels list in the future on any project.

Turn on and view key attribute columns in the relevant asset tables

  • Go to the desired asset tab in the asset list view on the project (e.g. Parcels tab)
  • Click on the 3 dot button in the top-right corner of the assets list section
  • In the dropdown menu, select Columns to see the full list of columns available for at least some or all assets within that table.
To view additional parcel attributes in the parcels list, click the 3 dot button in the Parcels tab and click the Columns button.
  • Scroll through to locate (or search by keyword at the top) to locate desired columns.
  • Check the box next to each column to add it to the table view

Reset columns to defaults

To reset columns to the system defaults:
  • Click the 3 dot menu above the table-view in any of the asset tabs
  • Hit 'Reset Columns'

Key parcel attributes/columns

Here are some of the most commonly reference parcel attributes/columns that may be helpful to view on your next siting project (see above for instructions on how to view these columns).
  • Buildable Area (Acres) - Calculated buildable acres for each parcel (or super parcel) based the buildable area analysis parameters
  • Buildable Area (Relative) - Ratio of buildable acres to the original lot size (e.g. .60 = 60% buildable)
  • Primary Owner First Name / Primary Owner Last Name
  • Site Address, City, State, Zip
  • Mailing Address, City, State, Zip
  • Closest Primary Asset
  • Distance - shows the parcel's distance from the closest primary asset (either a substation or a line)
  • APN/PIN (parcel ID)
  • Land use category/land use code - some counties track land use designations at the parcel level and may be viewed in the respective columns.
  • Total Acres - Same Land Owner - shows the combined acreage of all the parcels with the same 'owner' field
  • Total Acres - Contiguous Parcels - shows the acreage of all of the parcels that are touching or very close together
  • Contiguous Parcels - Group Number - creates a unique number for each grouping of parcels in the 'Total Acres - Contiguous Parcels' field