Add parcels via Parcel Search

This is an efficient way to quickly identify initial parcels for a site area based on criteria like proximity to grid infrastructure and minimum lot size.

How does the Parcel Search work?

We partner with ReportAll -- a nationwide parcel data aggregator -- so that users can seamlessly find and review land data around areas of interest.

Open Parcel Search task

  • On a project, go to the 'Parcels' tab (below project map)

  • Click 'See Actions' button

  • Select 'Project Tasks' > 'Parcel Search'

Click on Parcel Search task under 'See Actions' button in Parcels tab

Input required parcel search criteria

  • Input search area distance

    • How far from primary substation(s) OR line(s) do you want to search for parcels; search will look for parcels that are inside of or that intersect that search area

  • Input minimum acreage (per parcel)

    • This will help filter out parcels that are too small for development

  • Input any additional search criteria desired (e.g. input Max Acres or click 'Advanced' to see additional search options).

Input search requirements

Review parcel data usage ('Get Count')

Any parcels pulled into a project via a parcel search count towards the account's annual parcel usage allotment. This step of the parcel search gives users an opportunity to review how many parcels would be counted towards their parcel usage before making a decision on whether to pull them into a project or whether to re-do the search parameters to reduce (or increase) the number of parcels that will be pulled in.

Have questions about your team's parcel usage? Reach out to your account manager for more details.

  • Click 'Get Count' in the parcel search modal

  • The modal will display how many parcels meet the search criteria

  • Review the 'Get Count' results

    • If count seems about right, proceed to the next step. If parcel count is too high (or too low), adjust the search area and/or minimum acres values and re-do the 'Get Count' step.

You can click 'Get Count' as many times as desired. Parcels are not actually pulled in OR counted towards the annual parcel usage allotment until the next step.

If the 'Get Count' number of parcels is higher than desired, try reducing the Search Area distance and/or increasing the Min Acres to further limit the parcel search (or add a max acres limit).

Pull parcels into project ('Run')

Once the 'Get Count' parcel number has been calculated and reviewed, pull parcels into the project:

  • Click 'Run' in the parcel search modal

Click 'Run' to pull parcels into project (parcels will count towards parcel allotment)

The parcels will load in and be visible in two places on the project:

(1) Project map: Parcel/property boundaries are displayed as blue polygons (with blue parcel marker/dot)


(2) Parcels tab: Parcels will be listed in the Parcels tab below the project map.

Check out other methods to search for/add parcels to a project.