Search for land around sub-section of a line near substation
A more refined search tool typically used for DG style searches where an entire transmission line might only be useful within a certain distance of a substation.

Create search area polygon with 'Combo Buffer W Intersect' tool

This tool is not yet rolled out to all clients. Please reach out to us to get access if you need this tool and don't already have access.
  • Pull up the project
  • Go to the Parcels tab
  • Click on See Actions button (top-right side of the Parcels section)
  • Click Create Combo Buffer W Intersect under the task list
  • Input desired Line buffers
    • Line Buffer: How far away from Lines to search parcels (e.g. 500 ft, 0.25 mi, etc.)
  • Click on the Triangle in the second section to expand the Intersection Buffer section
  • Input desired Sub Buffer for Intersection
    • Sub Buffer for Intersection: this should reflect how far away from the sub you're willing to search for land along the line. E.g. if you're looking for land within 1 mi of the line but only within 2 mile of the substation, then the form would be filled in as shown below.
The task will create a search area polygon in orange as shown below.

Run a parcel search on the combo buffer w/intersect polygon

  • Zoom in so you can clearly see the buffer area in orange and click on any section of the buffer
  • In the combo buffer pop-up window:
    • Click See Actions
    • Select Project Tasks
    • Select Parcel Search
  • In the parcel search modal, enter:
    • Min acres (and max acres if desired)
  • Click Get Count
  • Click Run to pull the parcels into the project map