Add parcels to project from parcels layer on map

This is a great method to add specific parcels or fill in additional acreage around anchor parcels.

View parcel boundaries

With the Parcels layer, you can view parcel boundaries and save parcels directly from map.
  • On project map, go to map toolbar.
  • Click on Layers
  • Scroll down to find the 'Parcels' layer (or type in 'Parcels' at the top of the layers menu in the search bar)
  • Click on the layer name to display layer on map
  • On the map, click on the parcels (in orange) to see parcel and land owner information (note: clicking on a parcel counts towards annual parcel usage allotments).
Clicking on a parcel in the layer displays owner and parcel info
This layer requires a fairly high zoom level. If the parcel boundaries are not displaying, zoom in on the map until the orange boundaries appear.

Save parcels to project

Clicking on a parcel on the map displays the owner information but doesn't save the parcel to the project automatically. Follow the steps below to save the parcel as an asset on the project.
  • In the parcel pop-up window on the map, hit 'Create' to save it as an asset.
Hit 'Create' to save parcel to project
The parcel boundary will change to the blue styling (indicating that it has now been saved from the layer).
Saved parcels will also appear in the Parcels tab below the project map.