*Trace custom parcel search area

Use the drawing tools to trace out desired parcel search area and run parcel search based on minimum acreage. This search will pull in all parcels that are in or that intersect the polygon.

Trace out custom search area

  • On the project map, go to the map toolbar

  • Click on 'Drawing'

  • Select 'User Drawing Tools'. This will display the design toolbar in the top-center of the project map.

  • Click on the free-form polygon tool

  • Using your cursor, trace out the desired search area on the map clicking the cursor to drop each corner of the polygon.

  • Re-click the original starting point of the polygon to complete the search area.

  • Once the search area has been traced, turn off the free-form polygon functionality by selecting the 'hand' icon in the design toolbar (or turning off the User Drawing Tools from the drawing menu).

Run a parcel search on the selected area

  • Click on the search area polygon

  • In the pop-up, click the 'See Actions' button

  • Select 'Project Tasks'

  • Click on 'Parcel Search'

  • In the search modal, input the minimum acres

  • Click 'Get Count' to see the max number of parcels that will be pulled into the project in the next step

    • If the 'Get Count' parcel number is too high or too low, adjust the minimum acreage and re-do the 'Get Count' step

  • Click 'Run' to pull the parcels into the project